We are Nud Active

About Us

NUD is a comfort-centered brand fashioning fitness with breathable and durable activewear.

We are dedicated to making indoor and outdoor movement elegantly easy. With a vibrant array of sports bras, long tops, and bottoms, any color looks good on every color— crafting each workout into chic convenience, just like wearing nothing.

Our Story

Over the last year, we have been hard at work, putting in long hours to craft and curate activewear pieces for you. We are proud to say that we’ve been able to catalyze some of the most diverse options you can find on the market.

With a team of people who grew up in the Philippines, we believe that colorism, or the preference for lighter skin over darker skin, is rife in our culture. As a brand of purpose, we are committed to promoting awareness of unconscious bias and exploring new ways of ensuring that everyone is and feels included.

Our skin color is not supposed to fit clothing, clothing is supposed to fit our skin color. We created a line of apparel that flows with the body, providing a broad spectrum of designs that cater to all shapes and forms. For any color looks good on every color, hue is made for you.